The University of Jember is a leading research-oriented university in Indonesia. With this tradition, UNEJ Faculty of Law, in addition to its dedication to excellence in teaching, is encouraged to contribute to the production of lasting and innovative research in theoretical and empirical legal studies and publish with national and international journals. We also host two journals published with the English language medium, Journal of Southeast Asian Human Rights and Lentera Hukum.

The Journal of Southeast Asian Human Rights (JSEAHR) explores human rights realities in South East Asian region from various perspectives. The JSEAHR is a peer-reviewed journal co-organized by the Indonesian Consortium for Human Rights Lecturers (SEPAHAM Indonesia) and the Centre for Human Rights, Multiculturalism, and Migration (CHRM2) University of Jember. The Journal welcomes empirical, multi-disciplinary, and doctrinal approaches to explore the historical and recent situation of human rights in South East Asia. The combination of editorial board members from South East Asia, Europe, and Japan creates a unique forum for South East Asian and other scholars to exchange ideas of interest about human rights issues in the region.

LENTERA HUKUM is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to providing thoughtful and scholarly works with aims to explore and expand the boundaries of law and legal studies, by providing the English language medium for publication. Published three times a year, this platform accommodates high-quality manuscripts embedding with fundamental and long-term analysis in the light of empirical, theoretical, multidisciplinary and comparative approaches. The special emphasis in this journal is placed on a variety of contemporary development to complement an increasingly wide range of studies in the field of law and society. This journal is organized by the Faculty of Law and the Centre for Human Rights, Multiculturalism, and Migration of the University of Jember, Indonesia.