The University of Jember Faculty of Law (UNEJ Faculty of Law) is widely regarded as one of the leading law schools in Indonesia. Staffed by an outstanding permanent faculty diverse in origin and qualifications, UNEJ Faculty of Law is dedicated to building a vibrant community and creating an environment that facilitates critical thinking and reflection on the fundamental legal issues confronting our interconnected world.


The Faculty of Law is part of the University of Jember, one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions of higher learning in East Java, Indonesia. The roots of the Faculty of Law lie in the establishment of Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, the University of Tawang Alun in 1957. Following the establishment, UNEJ Faculty of Law has come into existence as the center of legal education of State University since 1964.

Since its inception, the UNEJ Faculty of Law has been a home of legal and justice education. This institution takes the social and intellectual responsibilities of continuing tertiary education in the field of legal education and research. In doing so, UNEJ Faculty of Law is committed to generating the professional jurists who protect, promote and reinforce the rule of law to meet substantial justice.

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